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Well, I'm BadMutha, I'm a college student, and a few days back I was bored and looking for an off-topic forum to kill some time on. I was looking for a community that would be accepting of my drinking/war/wtf stories, and for some reason, maybe its the banner, this community seemed right. But I told myself I'd come back to it and kept looking. I gave up the search today and decided to try this site out, and I have a good feeling about it so far. I feel like this community has a sense of humor (after reading some pages on the wiki) which is pretty much what I'm looking for.


More about me: I'm from New Jersey, I have friends who are, at times, fucking nuts, I like music (a wide-range of everything from punk rock to psychedelic to underground hip-hop), I recently got into fitness and running different types of races (5 milers, obstacle races, mud runs, etc), and I'm into cars and mechanics.


Anything else you wanna know just ask. Hopefully, I'll stick around and post more of my drunken ramblings.

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