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  1. It was my favourite holiday, I'd love to back! The tours of the temples got a little much, they all started to look the same and you have to get up at the crack of dawn to avoid the sun, but the heat was lovely. Much better than the humidity we get in the UK :)
  2. Four or five years ago, it was a cruise along the Nile (the end that isn't Cairo).
  3. I've been to Florida, New York, Egypt and France. I went to Belgium once but it didn't really count because we stayed at a center parcs and everyone spoke english.
  4. There are bases? Like in the sports sense, or the cop-a-feel sense?
  5. Who's the queen? I sense a story. Top Gear is all right! I'm not really a car person :)
  6. See above :) Okay, sheesh :p female, 25, english, quite proud that we're 4th in olympics at the moment, boring desk job, good at stalking people online and posting in cleavage threads, pretty hungry right now, off to make a chicken sandwich. Good?
  7. I could have used one post for that, but then I'd be one less post closer to that door.
  8. What do the sheep under people's names mean? Is there a faq? I'm going to go look for a faq.
  9. It bothers me that my join date says 08-02-2012. I should have registered in February.
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