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  1. That's quite alright. At least you contributed something to the equation. Thank you, kind sir. I meant that in the best possible way. (Depending on how you look at it. ;)) Did they try to take advantage of his Disco-Prowess and overly eager attitude?
  2. You seem to display a fondness of exclamation points, sir. This adds to my assumption that your short, chipper sentences hold even more excitement than the situation dares to call for. With that in mind, I have come to the conclusion that your username "BoogyMan" is not a suitable one at all. Therefore, I shall call you "Boogy-OogyMan", as it seems more fitting to both attitude and avatar. You're welcome. I use a subtle combination of sarcastic politeness and alcoholic beverages to provide a false-sense of belonging to a wide-variety of the socially impaired. I do so while
  3. What an interesting, albeit oddly predictable and overused response to a simple question. As a fellow Texan, I should not be completely shocked as I see such madness quite often. However, I will try to humor you and play along. After all, I am simply another new member bound to this section by the magical bindings of "minimum post count" That said, I can not be bothered to list off what is up in a literal sense of the question. I also find it rather pointless to mention that I've recently discovered a new forum on the internet, which is the more accurate answer to the question. (I have st
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