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  1. I did a really sweet Spartan Race: Beast in London last week. It was so cold I almost died, epic times.
  2. LS is kind of a big deal in case you didn't know.
  3. Back in time for me. I'd be hopping all over. I'd start way back and jump ahead as needed to see things.
  4. And thus ending the spam party that no one cared to join. :dudemad:
  5. New York > Texas > Georgia > Ohio > California
  6. I have lived in New York, Texas, Georgia, Ohio, and California.
  7. American, mother fucker, do you speak it?!
  8. Well, keep on posting and telling us about yourself. You will unlock the rest of this forums soon.
  9. I have been in too many countries to list. :hs:
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