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  1. I can't decide if sanity is a precious resource, or vastly overrated. Maybe a bit of both?
  2. You seem to be doing pretty well already! But goals are always good. I have no sense of rhythm, so it's always amazing to me that people can make decent music. Instead I'm trying to become a halfway decent writer. It's hard. But worth it? We'll see.
  3. No... a few years ago I bought a cheap mandolin and was learning, but my friend who was both teacher/motivation to play moved to Virgina and it's been gathering dust since. I should pick it up again though. I like bluegrass! Do you play anything?
  4. Got to admit I'm curious about early human history, to see where we all began. But the future has an irresistible allure to me. My life today is impacting the future, and I daydream that someday my 100xgreat-grandchild will be first interstellar astronaut, or something awesome like that. Perhaps not the humblest ambition.. but still. Who knows how important each of us are to the future, trapped in this dusty old Digital Age?
  5. 10. Lastly, I joined this forum because I need new avenues of conversation. I like my coworkers, they're great, but all we talk about is work, how broke we all are, and how cute our cats are, with a splash of news and pop culture. But whenever I bring up anything even marginally thoughtful or different from the usual, I get the semi-condescending "Oh, you" response. So I'm looking for interesting conversations elsewhere. Anyone interested?
  6. 9. I occasionally have guilty dreams about smoking, and taking care of fish. This probably stems from the one year I took up smoking and broke my mother's heart - I quit, but only because I liked a boy. It's a very shallow reason to quit but now I'm grateful I did. Also, I've had many fish (and little crabs too!) over the years and I always loved them but I think I am a fish murderer. They all died, and the guilt is too much. No more fish for me! Or cigarettes either.
  7. 8. If anyone wants to practice with me... Eu falo portugues (mal), mais ou menos. Morei em Brasil (Campo Grande, MS) por um ano, 6 anos atras. Aussi, je peux lire et ecrire un peu en francais. Je veux entrainer mon francias beaucoup mais, si quelqu'un veut parler avec moi!
  8. 7. I think about writing a novel all the time. I have several half-formed stories that are constantly floating around in my head. I've even tried starting some of the them. But page 3 is as far as I've gotten with anything of them.
  9. 6. I love to daydream about going to Mars, and watching the application videos on the Mars One website. I can't wait to see where that goes! (..um...Mars, maybe?)
  10. 5. I have a list of ways to improve myself. Such as, Listen to Others and Don't Interrupt. Stop talking About Yourself All the Time. Also, Exercise you lazy slob! Clean up the apartment! Put those cookies back!
  11. 4. I really admire scientists. It's a dream of mine to write a very technically correct (although not technically inundated) time travel novel. I get intimidated by the physics, but learning about the nature of the universe is fascinating. Sadly, I barely understand it.
  12. 3. I am embarrassingly fond of my pet cat. She's fluffy and frisky and has all the good qualities of felines with none of the bad. Well...almost none. I think she's perfect though.
  13. 2. If I could travel in time, I want to go to the distant future. At least to the year 3013. Because...holy shit. How can anyone not want to visit 3013?
  14. Here goes... 1. I don't think I have a favorite of anything. There's always too many that I like. How can I possibly decide if I prefer the Narnia books or The Historian? They're totally different! I like them for different reasons. Everything is apples and oranges to me. I can only judge things on an individual basis, i.e. I like cucumbers but I hate papaya. But favorite food? What a ridiculous concept.
  15. Well, here I am! I'm on a quest to find a forum to hang out in. It's been tough out there. I'm looking for quality, not quantity, so I thought I'd give BSF a go... 10 posts hmm? Well, I think I will post 10 things about myself. Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts/experiences too - let the introduction go both ways, you know? I'm for nothing if not reciprocity! Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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