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  1. I will trade Giant Mosquitoes for Michigan weather any day.
  2. I have traveled in A line from MI, OH, TN,KY,MO,AL to FL where I lived in Pensacola Beach for 7 years Partying and meeting people and going around the south,MISS and to LA,New Orleans and have since seen SC airport. I love Pensacola the best and I have inspired 4 of my friends and my dad and step mom to move there, it's awesome year round and A mecca of diffident cultures I didn't want to come home, but I am needed here.
  3. Well, I am A fan of All things internet, Anime, Skateboarding, Street Racing, Trackers, And Law, Art, And All Communication (Music, Language, Poetry, Sign, Ect..) I love A good Meme, And A good conversation, I can't spell worth A ____. But I try anyway. I am from Michigan, But have traveled around U.S.A. ( Also I think it's stupid that All TV/shows/movie/NEWS, refer to our country as "America"...This is wrong. I think the company's who own the major Media's(and everything else) do this to avoid us thinking We are UNITED states. because of what is coming in near future.....Thoughts anyone?
  4. Hiya all BSF, I am happy to be here, And happy there's A "here" to be. As far as Me, I love internet art, Be it meme's Or the way A comment is worded, This is A favored way to express one's self, And I am eager to do so here.
  5. (One day later)I am Back, no new posts....Well hello to who ever reads next you get mad BSF props.
  6. Hurry hello. Hiya BSF......oh look at the time...be back soon.:dead:
  7. Hiya,..BSF just saying hey in my morning rounds(@4:04pm) :)
  8. Hello black sheep, I am happy to have found this place. I love the freedom of opinion, And sharing said opinion properly.
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