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  1. Hooking you up as soon as a Admin logs in. :-)
  2. Hey Taggart! You shall be let in in a few hang in with us.
  3. Awesome! Glad you found time to come back to us, I missed you.
  4. Jello, so glad to see you back. Sure hope all the moving around hasn't gotten you down.
  5. :lol: OK its cool guys, and yomamma has their reasons to stay undercover for a bit. YM you need to get 10 posts and everything will be unlocked, so go ahead and spam it up.
  6. Hello, where you from? And how did you end up here of all places? :-)
  7. Not bad, could be a bit better but not bad... See you down below in the normal forums. :)
  8. Hi GJ! :wave: lol I love your avatar... that show is so wrong that its funny.
  9. No you won't because we are going to remove your posting privileges in here.
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